Friday, December 05, 2008

New Site...

Please have a look at and let me know any feedback, both positive and constructive criticism is welcome!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TREK, Germiston Energade and Zimbabwe...

It has been a good few weeks.. however, to rewind the tape to a mid week long ride prior to the Germiston Energade Triathlon. I was riding and couldnt work out why my legs were feeling so dead, "this bike is heavy"! After a few more km's I noticed my rear wheel was rubbing against the inside of the frame.. "what?!".. It was now unrideable and I was in the middle of joburg rush hour traffic.. a walk and wait at a bike shop, my fear was confirmed. The left rear drop out had come out of the frame causing the rear wheel to sit at an angle up against the frame.. all in all, a freak manufacture default. The guys at Just Fun Cycling (TREK- South Africa) were incredible in helping me get a new frame to use for the upcoming race in Germiston.

Race day was cold, wet and windy.. not a typical African summers day. I was out the water in the front group of 5, which remained the same on the bike. There were some attacks here and there, but in the end we were 5 coming into the run. I couldnt feel my feet in the first km of the run and slowly warmed up. I ended up a solid 4th, now establishing msyelf in 4th overall in the series.

A quick lunch with the Goodwins and was up to Harare. I had a good few days in Zimbabwe, getting some good training done on my old 'grounds'. I managed to get in a good presentation to the triathlon community in Harare, which was well received. Some people there saw me do my first race, about 14 years ago!

Now for about 3 races in 4 weekends then a short xmas break..

Sunday, November 02, 2008

BSG Energade Series!

I have now done two races since arriving back in Africa, both part of the BSG Energade Series. I am racing with the Nestle team which helps a lot with expenses around the races, as well as incentives for places. The first two races have been characterised by good swims and solid bikes and both ending with average runs. I have come 5th and 6th. This time is about getting over my stress fracture that had during the Games and as have learnt, these injuries take a long time to come back from. Nonetheless, I have been happy with my progress in the runs during the races, given my running consists of speed during aqua jogging and bouts of walk/running. I have also put in some extensive rehab work thanks to the knowledge I have gained while studying for my degrees and in the last two years of being a ‘pro’ athlete. I still have three to four more races before the end of the year so plenty time to gain more improvements!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This message is now about a public THANK YOU to all the people that have helped me over the last few years in either giving me generous financial assistance towards the incredible expenses that an Olympic qualifier faces or for giving me a place to rest my head while I either race or train. I had to do the physical work, but the support that I had along the way was incredible. There were many others that left messages of support and best wishes leading up to the Games…

Thank you…/ Merci beaucoup…

My Parents & brothers, Nick and Lawrence
Anthony Hall of SGS Mining
Tim & Julia Spotswood
Alan & Marilyn Brooks
Mike & Vanessa Naworynsky
Rob & Fiona Felgate
Maryon & Graham Goodwin
Hayley & Ross Goodwin
Libby Burrell & ITU Development
Zimbabwe Triathlon & Olympic Committee
Geoff & Rosie Lambrou
Mike & Lesley Hemming
Adrie & Ted Berk
Sander & Venetia Berk
The Netherlands Olympic Committee
Adam & Linda Selby
Jaime & Liam Philp
Dee & Andrew Brown
Gregory Vincent & Ploemeur Triathlon
David & Fiona Long
Jono Long
James Ferguson
Mike Schuil
Paul Laver
Dr Grant Landers
Neil Douglas
Jeff & Judy Martin
Nikki Grundlingh
Atherton Squire & Rick Fulton
Debbie & Austin Jeans
Lexi Loizou
Rory Mackie
The Hassanali Family in Kenya
The Thompson Family in Richards Bay
The St Louis Family In Mauritius
Benita de Witt
Ben Staunton
Bernard Wyatt of ORCA
Gary Lee of TREK
Heilie de Villiers, Morne & Rich Holland of POWERBAR
Steven Meltzer of Cool Heat (SHIMANO)

I have now been in South Africa for a month and has been an Interesting transition period from the highs of the Olympics. I have been prepping the body again for the upcoming Energade series, where I will race for the Nestle team. Running has been a slow build up with coming back from the stress fracture that had leading into the Games, so by the end of the upcoming series I should hopefully be at full steam again!